About Castro

Castro is the leading and most popular fashion house in Israel.
From our perspective, Castro is the Israeli answer to global fashion. It incorporates the love and passion for fashion, quality, and design, together with the Tel Avivian and Israeli character whose source is in our nature as people and as a fashion house – energetic, colorful, urban, free, happy, and sexy, with a pinch of chutzpah.

As the leading and most popular fashion house in Israel, Castro is proud to lead a productive and ongoing dialogue between its local design studio and the people who live here in Israel. This is a fruitful conversation created by people who live here, for people who live here. This is our home. As a youthful company for fashion and lifestyle, we are committed to our values and provide our customers a unique and exciting experience in all areas of personal appearance and lifestyle. We see in this a commitment of respect and appreciation for our customers.

We are proud to have won the title “Israelis’ Favorite Fashion Chain” in 2012 according to a survey of Geocartography, as well as the title “Leading Fashion Brand of the Decade” in 2010 according to a survey of TheMarker.

Our collections harmonize fashionable design, sophistication, and excitement, with quality, richness, and care, a combination that gives our customers complete confidence in their choices, and fully addresses their fashion needs.

We address our customers’ needs through three main lines: the Red line for casual fashion, the Black line – a smart, sophisticated, and elegant line, and the Blue line – our winning line of jeans. We also offer complementary collections – shoes and bags, lingerie, glasses, jewelry, and even bicycles and other accessories to accompany our customers during all of life’s moments – in the daily routine and in the evening, in the small moments and in the important, exciting and unforgettable ones.

We consider it an extremely important goal to continue to lead fashion in Israel through the next decade, to closely accompany our customers in all areas of appearance and lifestyle, through the design and sale of fashion and lifestyle products of the first rank, and at fair and accessible prices.

Castro was established in 1950 and for over six decades has led the fashion dialogue in Israel. The fashion house has a chain of stores spread throughout Israel, and it is in a constant state of growth, development and renewal.

Castro’s Collections

The fashion house’s studio currently employs the best of the fashion, graphics, and textile designers in Israel, all of whom have graduated with honors from schools of design, and all of whom live and breathe fashion. The studio’s designers are connected physically and emotionally to the Tel Aviv vibe that is filled with a limitless wealth of inspiration, both local and global. Through a productive dialogue with our customers, they create collections that can accompany them through the wide variety of activities and personal experiences that compose their lives – home, school and career, exciting occasions, fun with friends, and of course, family life. Castro’s collections for men and women are composed of three distinct lines that together make up the perfect wardrobe for the young and fashionable crowd:


A casual fashion line popular with an urban, young, and dynamic population that loves fashion. The Red line incorporates fashionable casual items along with items that stand at the vanguard of global fashion, representing the hottest trends. Castro designers create all of this with a personal vision, expressed in Castro’s unique language, and perfectly suited to the Israeli climate, style and taste.


A smart, sophisticated, and elegant line that has become a sure and preferred address for our customers with an urban lifestyle, and a precise and consolidated fashion sense. The Black line includes items that are classic and tailored to serve as formal business attire, such as suits and button-down shirts and blouses, as well as a collection of evening wear for special occasions, and accessories, too. Everything is with a new design interpretation that’s youthful and up-to-date, in a broad and varied spectrum of cuts combined with unique, rich materials.


Castro’s winning line of jeans has become a byword in the field of denim apparel, thanks to Castro’s exceptional professionalism and expertise in the field, combined with unceasing design and development work.

Each season, Castro designers develop the cuts of the jeans according to unique and exclusive formulas, which precisely integrate quality, fashion, and uncompromising style. In this way Castro provides the perfect solutions for a variety of body types for our customers. Castro’s jeans line is designed and manufactured to the highest standard, and represents Castro’s leadership in the category through the use of select denim fabrics, craftsmanship in the treatment of the fabrics, and careful design down to the smallest details in all the components of the jeans.

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Castro’s Complementary Lines


Castro takes a holistic approach to fashion, striving to provide our customers the perfect and complete solution for all areas of apparel and lifestyle. During the last few seasons, we launched a variety of lines to complement our fashion collection:


Youthful, sexy, and fun undergarments, with high quality and comfort. The rich and extensive lingerie collection, which includes a variety of high-quality, fashionable bras, complements our fashion lines and enables our customers to enjoy an additional layer of fashion even under their clothes. This provides them not only beauty, but also maximum comfort, and a perfect overall look.


Castro’s shoe collection offers our customers the fullest and most fashionable selection, marching together with them from the daytime into the evening hours, and perfectly suited to the Israeli climate. The collection is designed with a concern for stylishness and comfort down to the smallest details – the last of the shoe, the soles and insoles, the laces – and complements the creative concept and look of all the various Castro fashion lines.

Castro’s Accessories

Out of an understanding of the importance of creating a look that broadcasts a personal, unique style, the accessory collection has become one of our flagship categories, with an especially wide variety of accessories to complement one’s look, such as bags, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, and more. These harmoniously complement our rich apparel collection, and connect with the full spectrum of inspirations, trends, and colors of Castro’s designers, from season to season.

Castro’s Bicycles

We at Castro live the urban experience daily, through the Tel Aviv lifestyle. Inspired by this, we have chosen to connect with the ultimate lifestyle item – the bicycle – which links environmental awareness with fashion and lifestyle.

The bicycle allows one to experience the street from up close, and to discover hidden and enchanted corners of the city – from the park to the boulevard and the beach. Castro’s bicycle collection adds an especially important element to this experience: style.

Our unique city bike collection provides our clients a stylized, fashionable experience, even on two wheels. Every season new models and colors are added for both men and women, all inspired by Castro’s fashion collection.

Castro in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, home to Castro designers, is also their central source of inspiration. They create out of a love for this bustling city bursting with life, for the city skyline, for the beach, for the nightlife, for the culture and art, for the city streets and the unique Tel Aviv architecture. But above all, what inspires is their love for the people who live there, for those who make it a one-of-a-kind metropolis.

For this reason, Castro’s presence throughout Tel Aviv is especially strong, with stores located all over the city, including at its most central spots, such as the flagship store in the heart of Dizengoff filling three stories with fashion and style.

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