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Terms of use - Promotion: "20% discount for purchases made on Castro's website and that are shipped abroad" 


"Castro Model Ltd" Company (Hereinafter: “Castro”) promotes "20% discount for purchases made on Castro's website and that are shipped abroad" (i.e destination outside of Israel) (Hereinafter: “ Promotion”) in accordance to the conditions listed below;

1. All Castro's customers can participate in the promotion (Hereinafter: “customer” or "participant"). Customers who browse Castro's website ( (Hereinafter: “website”) are entitled to retrieve 20% (twenty percent) discount only for a single purchase, solely for purchases made on Castro's website and that are shipped abroad (Hereinafter: “Discount”). The Discount will be given to customers via "Personal Coupon" As described below.

2. The promotion will begin on December 1, 2014 and will end on February 28, 2014 (GMT+2 Israel time zone) (Hereinafter: “Promotion Period ”). The coupon is valid only during the promotion period stated above.

3. The Personal Coupon will be sent via e-mail to customers that submitted their e-mail on the website. (Hereinafter: “Personal Coupon”). The Personal Coupon will be sent to the email address submitted.

4. This is to clarify, that in case a customer submitted an incorrect email address, Castro will not be liable and the customer will have no allegations, claims or demands against Castro.

5. The 20% discount is only applicable to the full purchase amount (shopping cart total), not including any shipping fees and/ or customs, for orders that are solely addressed abroad (i.e destination outside of Israel and that are in accordance to the countries listed in the website).

6. In order to apply or use the personal coupon, the customer will have to make a purchase on Castro's website during the promotion period, under the following terms:

6.1. Browse Castro's website and add items to the shopping bag.

6.2. Once customer chooses to complete the purchase order, all items that have been placed in the bag will appear in the shopping cart page of the website. In order to retrieve the 20% discount, the customer must enter the personal coupon code on the shopping cart page before proceeding to the secured checkout pages.

7. The personal coupon is personal and can only be used for a one time purchase (not limited to number of items in the purchase).

8. The personal coupon cannot be converted into cash or cash equivalents (including credits) and the discount amount is only viable to the single one time purchase.

9. The personal coupon and/ or 20% discount is only viable for Castro's website and is not valid for purchases in Castro's bricks and mortar stores.

10. The usage of the personal coupon is limited to the promotion period and terms of use, therefore if the customer did not use the coupon accordingly, the customer will not be entitled to receive the discount and his claims will not be heard or accepted under these circumstances.

11. In case of order cancellation, the customer will be refunded solely for the amount paid by the customer.

12. Castro reserves the right to delay and/or cancel the provided discount or its execution in case of suspicion of irregularity and/ or falsification and/or fraud in connection with the entitlement of a customer in the promotion and/ or any other reason which has, by law and/or according to these terms of use to delay and/ or cancel the discount coupon or its validation. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that it is clear that a customer used/ applied the discount coupon more than once and/ or used more than one discount code, then Castro shall not grant the discount, or alternatively, require the customer to refund Castro accordingly.

13. Each customer approves that he will not do any act which constitutes as forgery and/ or impersonation of another person and/ or the use of a dual-mail account and/ or use an email account which is not his and/ or improperly or in any such action that shall constitute grounds for disqualification from the possibility to receive and apply the promotion coupon.

14. Upon completing the order, a CU Castro member can accumulate points to his personal CU account as per the CU terms & conditions. .

15. In any case of contradiction and/ or unsuitability between these terms of use and other publicity of any kind, these terms of use will override.

16. These terms of use regulate the conditions of participating in the promotion and exhaustive right and requirements of the parties. If the terms of use are not acceptable by the customer, then the customer is required to not participate.

17. Notwithstanding paragraph 2, it is clarified that Castro is entitled, pursuant to its discretion, to terminate the website’s promotional activity at any time and without any advance notice. These terms can be changed and/ or revised at any time by Castro and/ or anyone on its behalf pursuant to their exclusive discretion.

18. The participation of a customer in this promotion is solely his own responsibility. Castro will not be responsible and will not bear, in any event, any direct, indirect, consequential or special damage as well as loss or expense to the customer or third party.

19. It is clarified that In any case deriving from a “force majeure” Castro will not be liable to operate the website properly and therefor the customer will have no allegations, claims or demands against Castro. In this section “Force Majeure” means: including but not limited to computer malfunctions, malfunctions with the email system or malfunctions with other communication systems and any security incidents.

20. The law to govern these Terms and/or any action and/or any dispute deriving from them is solely the Israeli law. In any case of a dispute, exclusive jurisdiction to entertain any dispute deriving, directly or indirectly, from the provisions in these Terms and/or use and/or purchase from the website - will be given to the courts (Magistrate and District) in Tel-Aviv-Yaffo and not to any other court or judicial instance.

21. The provisions in these Terms refer equally to the two genders and use of masculine form is solely for convenience purposes.

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